7 Clichés to avoid about Interior Designing

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Being an avid follower of the latest trends doesn’t always make for a cool home interior. Interior Designing is one area where popular culture can turn into a disaster and create havoc in your home.

When you overcook an idea it becomes a cliché. While Designing, cliché may appeal to the masses but it may be lacking in originality because Not every design is made for everyone.

Some interior design trends and the general rule of thumbs are worth paying attention to, while others are simply begging to be buried. They might seem beautiful in pictures but in reality, several of them are not practical and cause inconvenience in a day to day life.

Besides, you should choose the designs that meet your expectations and needs rather than being completely dependent on aesthetics.

Not all the clichés are supposed to be followed. We have tried to list some of those clichés which should be evaluated as per space available.


Ah! The proverbial cliché right here. When you do your research about what designs you like or dislike, you are bombarded with tons of images

The room, no doubt, looks elegant and displays a sense of style in the image that you find in magazines, brochures etc. However, there is a distinct lack of personality.

Every individual has their own personality and has their own likes and dislikes. If you go by the image, it would not suit every individual’s tastes and needs. You can get inspired by it and add your own personal touches to make it your own. But do not overdo with matching everything in the vicinity. It makes the room appear uninviting and impersonal.

Coordination is important amongst the furnishings. But do not purchase all your furnishings in a set. Shop around and design along the theme to have some coordination as well as variety.

A room designed with various times and places that you collected from different places tends to create a warm and inviting space. It acts as a conversation starter. It shows that you have put a lot of thought into creating this well-designed space. The different elements should of course complement each other, but always pick a design or decor item because you love it, not because it matches.

Signs and Quotes

Motivational quotes as your wall décor have become another cliché that you should avoid. Instead use graphic, bold and colorful along with these kinds of messages.

A wide variety of eye-catching prints can be found online which you can purchase and get framed, if not already. They make for one of the best focal points in a room. They are unique while still creating a positive vibe.


Color plays a vital role in interior design. It can be intimidating. When it comes to coloring, there are some colors that have become cliché as well. One such color is Beige. They do work well in some cases. However, it doesn’t mean that the whole home has to be painted the same color.

You can dress your room however you like. We suggest infusing a dash more personality than just keeping the basic neutrals. Grey in different shades can very well help you achieve that. Dark blues and greens, if used in living or dining rooms, can create a space that is inviting and cosy.

Playing it safe?

Well, don’t. Experiment and take risks. It is very common to overlook flooring designs while designing your home. We suggest choosing a floor that can add a sense of uniqueness and personality to the room without overwhelming the design. For example, texture and pattern add a layer of depth to the room.


Maintaining a theme while designing a room can be a great thing. It imparts unity to a design and creates coordination. However, they can easily become gaudy if overdone. When a theme takes over your sense of style and personality in a room it becomes distracting and even gimmicky.

You can go for the theme that you love. But make sure to achieve the theme in more subtle and original ways.

Perfectly Paired Wallpapers

As opposed to what we suggested earlier regarding matching everything, we suggest coordinating your wallpapers to a T. Usually, using different patterned wall coverings is a strict no-no in the adjoining rooms. However, we do suggest that you coordinate your wallpapers.

You can use different textures and patterns as wallpapers in a variety of ways. They help you in creating a balanced scale and color between spaces. Consider the unifying elements from the flooring, architecture, or color palettes and use them in picking different wallpapers.

Painted Accent Walls

Accent walls are the highlights of a room as they are the focal point and the first thing you notice when you enter a room. So, it becomes important to think and plan before creating or refreshing the accent walls.

Usually, you can paint an accent wall. Instead of freshening up the accent wall by applying a fresh coat of paint, we suggest you give a chance to chic wallpaper to add visual interest and excitement. Designs and patterns create a more interesting vibe and add depth to your wall.


Interior designing has many rules of thumb to be followed. However, some rules of thumb are simply begging to be broken. There are some clichés that need to be avoided to achieve a better and more inviting space. You can use alternate ways to revamp your space without having to go the cliché way.

In interior designing, it is usually the smallest thing that can make the biggest impact on the design. Incorporating the small changes into your home interior and décor can result in a completely transformed space in ways you’d never thought possible.

And the bonus is that you can make these upgrades in your homes without having to give up weeks of time and making a dent in your bank.

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