7 Common Myths About Interior Design: Debunked

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5 min readJul 16, 2021

It is a commonly held belief by many that interior designing is all about playing around with color palettes, fabrics, and furnishings to make everything pleasant to look at. Some believe the designs they see on magazines, TV or anywhere else are easily attainable.

In truth, there are many aspects to interior designing and there is an iota of hard work, planning, and creativity that happen behind the scenes.

Today, we will debunk some of the most commonly held misconceptions about interior design.

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Myth 1: Interior Design Is Overrated. You Don’t Need It.

It is a very commonly held misconception that a well-designed interior is not necessary. On the contrary, interior designing forms the very soul of a home, workplace or any other space for that matter. Interior designing ensures proper usage of space, time, and money to make a space visually pleasing and functional.

Why do we need interior designers to design our homes and workplaces?

Because the environments we spend most of our time in have a lot of influence on our mood. Not only our moods, but they also influence how we feel, behave, live, and even our productivity is heavily influenced by our surroundings.

A well-designed functioning house ensures that your daily routine aligns with your lifestyle and function as it should.

The coloring you choose also can enhance or worsen your mood. Take the color red for example. It is a highly energetic colour. It invokes feelings of anxiety, excitement, passion, and anger which are not suitable for a bedroom. You will find yourself struggling to fall asleep in a vibrant red bedroom. So, a correct color choice for a room based on its use is important.

Our home is where we spend most of our time, so it is worth it to invest in its design to make yourself a happy and comfortable home. Don’t forget that their expertise helps you in avoiding common design mistakes and loss of money.

Myth 2: Designers Are Just Playing Around With Fabric Swatches

Not true! Rather I would say Interior Designing is a science.
The main motive of an interior designer is to make any given space functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasant.

They don’t just work with different fabric swatches, paints or various decorative items. They also have to determine the space required, the layout, go through the blueprints given by the architects and the builders. They are also well-versed in building codes and ensure that all rules and regulations are properly followed for the inspection.

A professional designer is trained in a lot more than just the opposing colors on the color wheel.

A lot of technical skill is required to plan and acquire the correct piece of fabric, color, texture, and furniture. It involves a lot of precision and calculation. Not to forget patience.

Myth 3: Interior Designers is a game for rich

No it is not, we all need it to a certain extent. Interior designing has nothing to do with luxury meaningless spending.

The important thing to know is that the Designers always work within your budget and they can achieve much more in that budget than you had planned for. They can suggest good and affordable alternatives, optimise the space usage, inform you about future repercussions and many more.

Myth 4: Designers Do What They Want

Let me put it this way, every home represents the personality of the residents. The way we want to use a particular space acts as the guideline on how that space needs to be designed. A designer uses their expertise in all aspects to achieve that usage.

One of the important aspects of designing is to consider your ideas and deliver a design presentation that is most suitable to your preference and lifestyle.

That is not to say that designers do not offer any input. They do suggest alternatives and give you more options to choose from. Interior designers prefer to work collaboratively otherwise the very purpose of the process is lost. In general, design folks are more down to earth than you may think or believe.

Myth 5: Designers Are Omniscient

Interior Designers are trained so they do know a lot about designing than an average person. But that does not mean that they know it all. So, it is advisable to not be completely dependent on the designer when you hire them. Be very clear and concise about what you want in your home or workspace.

Communicate your likes and dislikes. Do not forget about the budget constraints.

Designers give you what you tell them and if they find something missing they fill it up with their ideas keeping your preferences in mind. It is a time-consuming process but it offers the best results.

If you leave everything to the designer, you are unlikely to get a home that speaks to you.

Myth 6: Anyone Can Do The Interiors. Why Hire A Designer?

Just because I like colors does not mean I can replace a designer. As I said earlier it is a science, I might have a good eye for form, function and color, that doesn’t make me an interior designer. There is more to interior designing than just form, function, and color.

Even though you know what you want but how is very important as well, you still are missing out on some valuable proponents of designing that only a professional designer can give you.

An average person can only be able to see space through a myopic vision. However, the designer will utilise their experience and knowledge in planning the design of a space optimally. They have both the experience and the ability to do it better. A designer has tonnes of technical skill.

Myth 7: Their Design Won’t Reflect My Taste

If you hire a good designer then they will never let their tastes supersede yours. Before commencing any project, a designer will have a sit down with the client and make every attempt possible to learn more about your needs, wants, likes, and dislikes.

When they have a clear understanding of what you want, only then they will create a design and present it to you for your approval. Because at the end of the day the finished product must reflect your style.


Interior Designing adds value to any given interior design project. Designing helps space stand out and be functional at the same time. You can have your dream home built to pass the test of time at any given budget!

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