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Common Mistakes In Interior Designing

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5 min readMay 6, 2021


One has to make hundreds of small decisions from selecting furniture, selecting the right size, experimenting with paint swatches, and the positioning of art throughout the designing process. Even a slightest bit of misjudgment can have a devastating effect on any space.

These mistakes or errors can happen with anyone even after careful considerations are made. If you can avoid mistakes, each of these carefully taken decisions culminate into a perfectly designed space which is functional, aesthetically pleasant, and suits the lifestyle accordingly.

Interior designers know these things very well as they see their fair share of fabulous as well as mediocre home interiors throughout their career.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the most common mistakes in interior design that you can end up making and how to avoid them.

1.Poor Or Inadequate Lighting

The most common and the most common mistake people make while designing is with lighting. Do not think that lighting is not important in designing. You will be surprised to know the vital part it plays in the overall look and feel of any given space. You can make your space go from BLEH to WOW just by adding proper lighting.

It is very common to leave lighting as an afterthought. As per experts, the lighting must be one of the first things one should take into consideration while planning interiors, renovations, or even upgrades. Yes, lighting can make that much of an impact.

Overhead lighting is often the most commonly found lighting style. However, we suggest to try layering your lighting. Use different light sources that can work in harmony to create various beautiful ambiances.

2. Let The Walls Breathe!

Do not pull furniture towards the walls as it’s very common and one of the worst mistakes to make. Keep the entire space in mind while planning your layout. Don’t restrict yourself to pinning furniture against the walls.

Leave a little room between the furniture and the wall. It will make your space look more spacious and larger than it is. If your room size permits it, you can create dedicated areas for furniture and rugs in a room.

No doubt sometimes there is no other choice rather than putting furniture against the wall because it looks better that way. But do not take it as a general rule because it isn’t.

3. Hanging Art Incorrectly

Finding that perfect piece of art is only half the battle won. A common mistake which many make while hanging art is that it is either hung too high or is positioned in a very obvious way.

Generally, there are no set rules to follow when hanging art on a wall. This is an arena where you need creativity to its fullest. Hiring a Professional Interior Designer comes in handy at this time. They are knowledgeable and experienced. They can help you achieve your dream home.

It is not necessary to highlight a precious artwork by hanging it as a centerpiece or a point of attraction. An art can look good by itself even if placed over a sideboard in the hallway.

We would suggest arranging your artwork in an unexpected location keeping it at eye-level. If you have decided to create a gallery wall, a minimum of 10cm of space should be kept between frames. While hanging art above any furniture keep the artwork central.

4. Embrace The Natural

If you think your small room can not look beautiful, then think again! The biggest mistake you can make is trying to go against the natural look and feel of the room. You can work on enhancing the natural ambiance of the room.

Emphasize the lighting if the room can benefit from it. Use furniture made from natural materials as well as large mirrors. They will help bounce the light around the space making the room brighter.

A small living space does present serious décor challenges. But they are not impossible to overcome. A very common mistake with small rooms is the choice of dark and bulky furniture which makes an already small room feel cramped.

Small spaced benefit from the use of lighter fabrics and finishes. A light-reflecting color palette also takes the gloominess away. You can even experiment by introducing patterns into the mix.

5. Choosing The Right Rug

A rug should be a large part of any room décor. It is important to get it right. Rugs are capable of completely transforming a room. They add a point of interest to a space. It can very well be hard to judge what will be the right size of rug for a room. That is why, you need to be aware of the right rug sizes depending on the room and its usage.

The rug for any room should at least be big enough to fit two chairs at minimum. And do NOT forget to measure your room and the furniture that will go on the rug. This is another common mistake people tend to make.

6. Extreme Budget Buying

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? You can get classy and luxurious furniture and décor items at budget prices. But sometimes, the item is pricey because it is incomparable. They’re just stunning.

You can design your whole home at a reasonable budget. But once in a while it is allowed to splurge on a gorgeous statement piece that can transform an interior and give an uplift to your décor.

7. Following Interior Trends Blindly

Interior trends evolve and change as per our needs and requirements. They adapt as per our liking to provide us comfort in our daily lives as you can very well see it in the impact of COVID-19 on interiors. They look so inviting and gorgeous. However, that does not necessarily mean that it is going to stay.

YES! Trends may be popular now but they tend to be fickle. They come and go. Be wary of following such a trend that could very well just be a fad.

If you want your interiors to be in a certain way because it’s ‘trendy’, ‘cool’ at present, you are making a mistake.

Do not use an interior trend that you are not in love with. Ask yourself whether you can see yourself surrounded by the said trend day after day, months after months? If the answer is ‘no’ then don’t waste time, effort, and money on it.


There are a lot of common interior design mistakes that almost anyone can make while planning the interiors. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available as well. Sometimes, they are easy to rectify and other times, not. It’s better to plan keenly and avoid these mistakes to save you the headache.

We hope that the above discussed mistakes gave you insight into what could go wrong and how to fix it.

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