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5 min readJun 18, 2021

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Cozy and beautiful are the two words that come to mind when you think about designing your home. Each individual has their own tastes, needs, and requirements regarding interior design. Not every design is made for everyone. Or you can say that no ‘One size fits all’.

You choose the designs that meet your expectations and are desirable.

However, choosing the correct design option for you is not easy. You need to undergo some research of your own and make a list of your likes and dislikes.

You also need to know some of the most common design mistakes that people make while designing their home interior. Whether simple, elegant, luxurious or chic, an overkill is sure to make it look less attractive.

You will find several “latest trends” on the internet, design shows, and magazines. It is not possible to keep up with all those trends. Besides, not all the trends are supposed to be followed.

To give you an idea on what trends you should be avoiding, we have come up with a list. We will talk about some of these design trends that are not important inside a home.

Couch Dilemma

Couches are a good addition to the place where you sit with your family like a family room or a living room. It should be placed in the right place and shouldn’t occupy a lot of space. The right size of the couch is important to make the room look decent.

If you go with a trending couch style and try to somehow “fit” the couch you bought into a place with little to no space, it will make your room look cluttered and occupied. With no space to walk in the room, it will lose its functionality and make your room look unattractive.

Corner couches are one of the most commonly shown couch trend in so many advertisements. They are ideal for occupying a free corner. In different situations, it will end up taking up the free space.

Keep in mind that “expensive” is not always the “best” when it comes to designing.

Entangling With Curtains

Curtains have a purpose of their own. They make the room look more elegant, fresh, and fashionable. However, avoid using decorative curtains as the colors may not match. You need to wash curtains every month which leads to fading of color. So, choose the color wisely.

Trendy magazines often showcase that long curtains are really beautiful. They are! They make the window look elegant. However, too long curtains are to be avoided. Long curtains are liable to get dirty quickly as they touch the ground frequently. They may even cause injury if someone (more likely a pet or a child) gets entangled with it.

Monochrome Interiors

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Do not go for an all white background or any single color for that matter. To make a room look more attractive, you may want to add more hues or shades to the background in your room. You have a variety of colors to choose from. Choose the right color palette if you want your room to look decent.

There is nothing wrong with opting for cold colors. However, if you are living in a place where summers are short and you don’t have enough natural light, cold colors will make your room seem depressing.

Photos Gallery

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Hanging a portrait or a painting on the walls has been trending for a long time. You can install different designed frames on the walls. But avoid hanging too many photos on the wall. You are not creating a photo museum.

Place only a few good photos with simple frames. Too many photos will not only ruin the look of the wall, it will also damage the paint of the wall.

Too many photos hanging on the wall tend to be distracting and do not allow you to focus on one thing. They collect a lot of dust as well.

There are other options to choose from as well. Research and explore!

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Prepping Walls

Covering your wall with wallpapers is a new trend. However, not all wallpapers look good on the wall. A simple designed wallpaper works well. Avoid black and white wallpapers or even those with simple geometric shapes.

Very light colored walls such as white, ivory, and cream have been trending as well. They work well for only minimalists.

Those trending Chalkboard walls with cool pictures and beautifully placed stickers look awesome in advertisements and shows. Practically speaking, it is not easy to maintain your own wall in this neat shape. And when you get tired of it, you can’t even replace it.

When it comes to paintings for walls, not everyone can afford an expensive painting if you want a Scandinavian-like design. You can opt for a beautiful photo instead.

Tiled Flooring

Another big trend is the Tiled flooring. They improve the look of a home. However, avoid going with the same tiles in each room. Choose different patterns and colors depending on the room and its use. The con of using tiled flooring is that they get stained easily and are easily breakable.

The trending stone tile is most commonly used in kitchens, hallrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Too much stone can make your home resemble a museum rather than a home.

The material chosen for the floor and the walls should be different. It could have a different texture, color or even pattern.

Open shelving

One of the worst nightmares for housewives are the open shelves especially when they are installed in the kitchen. They look good in the pictures but in reality, they cause more trouble than they are worth. Open shelves are suitable for those who don’t use the kitchen for cooking and only need to heat up food.


The above list is not even scratching the surface of the latest trends that you definitely should avoid. Trends seem beautiful in pictures but in reality several of them are not practical and cause inconvenience in a day to day life. There are several interior design ideas that you can choose from instead.

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