How to plan the first meeting with your Interior Designer

  • Research, Study, And Make Notes:
    Have a look through Interior Design Magazines. Browse through their collection of designing ideas. Make note of which ones you find pleasant and which ones do nothing for you. There are online publications available as well for you to check out.
    Browse through the internet for trendy interior design ideas. Most Interior Designers upload their best works online. Be it social media channels or their own business websites. Check them out to determine which designer’s style speaks to you more.
  • Locate Prospective Designers: To find Interior Designers near you, you can Google “Interior Designer near you”. You will find websites of Interior Designers situated in your locality in the search results. Take a good look at these websites and portfolios. Fix a meeting with the designer that suits you.
  • Sought Inspiration: Make a trip to any Art Gallery, Antique shop or even a Fashion Boutique to get inspired.
  • Be Prepared: Most Interior Designing firms offer a consultation (oftentimes free of cost) over the phone, via email, or even in-person. Usually, there are questions interior designers ask clients to help them determine whether their services align with what is needed by the client. You might be asked to fill a questionnaire prior to an in-person meeting.




Bangalore based Interior designing firm with design experience of 100+ projects.

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WallsToHome Interiors

WallsToHome Interiors

Bangalore based Interior designing firm with design experience of 100+ projects.

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