How to plan your interiors during Pandemic
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How To Plan Your Interiors Work In Pandemic COVID-19?

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The pandemic has drastically changed how we live and work on a daily basis. The future of Interior Design profession has been no stranger to that either. The lockdown has brought upon a renewed focus on the functionality and flexibility of a space in addition to the already emphasized aesthetics. As we try to navigate our new normal, designers are figuring out, “Where is Interior Design headed in the future?”

In this blog post, we will find how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our relationship with our homes and hence, the interior trends. Moreover, you will have an idea how to plan your interiors during quarantine.

Let’s have a look on change of priorities in terms of design aesthetics you may consider before designing your new home:

Growing Demands For Home Offices

Working from home used to be a rare perk for many but now has become a necessity. Home offices are being designed for decades, but they almost always have been more of a casual workspace. Since company mandates have forced employees to Work from their Homes, more and more people are wanting to have well-designed home offices where they can work comfortably and productively without any disturbances.

Except for the freelancers, smart working was not a common thing prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. The companies and individuals that looked down upon working from home have now realized the benefits of this model of work.

It has been now understood that working from home is really a sustainable choice that allows everyone to work within the safety of their homes when going out is not a possibility. Hence, the need for home offices comes into play again.

A home office is also essential to define a clear separation between personal and professional life while staying at home. A casual home office, previously used as an extra storage space, is finally getting its due.

You can plan for a new home office with larger work surfaces, abundance of natural light, comfortable chairs, uncluttered designing, and an extra storage space. The best Bart is that they will actually get used for what they are meant for!!

Study Space For Remote Learning

With schools and other educational institutions having been transitioned into Zoom Live Sessions, a designated workspace for students also becomes necessary. It is essential to study and attend Online classes without disturbance and distractions. To make Live sessions possible without any disturbance, soundproofing is also an expected addition to study spaces. A separate space with abundance of natural light is a given.

Focusing On The Foyer

Entryways, foyers, as well as mud rooms will be receiving extra attention as people pay more heed to sanitary areas and try to establish clear boundaries between the outdoors and the indoors.

However, the attention to foyer will not just be for achieving better aesthetics. The improvement in the functionality of the entryways will also get equal importance.

Entrance designing is not a new thing but it will surely be getting more emphasis on their designing. The foyers now will include extra storage space for the footwears to be left outside before entering the main living area. There will be designated storage spaces for even hanging coats, hats, keeping backpacks, umbrellas, etc. You can even add comfortable seating arrangements when you plan your foyer.

New Age Biophilic Design

Interior Designing that enhances our connection with nature has become the newest trend. This is because connecting with nature boosts mental and physical wellness while we hunker down safely in our homes.

Since our homes are our places to take refuge and feel safe, the colors we choose should promote peace and wellbeing. The overall design should inculcate plants in the form of flourishing indoor gardens, natural wood textures, or even a skylight to create a sunny space that can bring out a home inspired by nature.

Growing a small garden in the front yard, backyard, balcony or even at the terrace is getting popular day by day to keep your hands busy and the space looking pleasant. Essentially, gardening is ready for its huge comeback. DIY gardening decors will follow soon. Even, vertical and indoor gardening will see a rise in demand.

Gardening not just helps in reducing stress but it also helps in improving the air quality indoors. Biophilic Design will soon become a necessity rather than just being a trend. So, don’t hesitate to add greenery, light, and open air spaces to your interiors.

Healthier Spaces

Coronavirus has sharply brought our focus to sanitary habits and maintenance of hygiene. This new sensitivity to cleanliness will bring in many interesting changes to our interiors and the use of new technology. Some of these technologies have already existed but have not been used commonly. For example, Air purifiers have existed for a long time, but how many times have you seen it being used around you?

Now there will be more attention paid to indoor air quality and water. The cleaning supplies will also see a change. The bathroom design will see a growing demand for smart toilets and automatic cleaning faucets which were previously only seen in some public restrooms. You can plan for your healthy interior living space keeping all this in mind and choose interior designers that suit your needs.

Luxury Additions

Since pandemic has restricted all travel plans to exotic places, we can still bring our vacation retreats right at home. Keeping this in mind, the demand for at-home Spas and Gyms have risen to a new level. To convert your home into a retreat, we can take cues from the hospitality designing. You can look up DIY (do-it-yourself) interior solutions or visit us at: WallstoHome Interiors to help you out with the interiors.

Voice Control and Easy-to-use Technologies

Earlier, there was no need to avoid touching surfaces. But to avoid the spread of virus the touching has to be minimized as much as possible. That is when Smart home technologies come in to play. You don’t need to touch them to get the job done. They are voice activated. This is most helpful for elderly, sick, or disabled people living alone.

Need For Privacy

When we all are confined to a single house 24/7, the need for privacy and space becomes paramount. But achieving that is a never-ending task because you are stuck at one place. The importance of designated spaces for different activities can’t be ignored either. To counter that, screen walls and dividers will be of great help. A wrap around curtain can also work wonders when needed.

The need for privacy might lead to reconsidering the open home layout plans. Besides, there also might be the need to create a separate space in case any of the family members gets infected and needs to be in isolation. So, plan accordingly!

Seeking Entertainment Areas At Home

Following social distancing protocols, going out has become a distant dream with restaurants, pubs, movie theatres, etc. being shut down for the most part. The need for recreational activities to deal with the everyday stress is being dealt with creating entertainment areas right at your home. It is no longer a luxury expenditure but a necessity.

If an outdoor garden is available, a safe area for get-togethers can be arranged there with a well-maintained patio and comfortable seating arrangements. An outdoor movie theatre can also be designed for night time activities. This can also be made flexible to be used as a pub or an outdoor dining space.


As it is very famously said that, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and we have been witness to the daunting impact of the pandemic on our daily lives. This, in turn, has impacted the interior design industry. Now, the main focus of interior design is at designing healthy, functional, flexible, and eco-friendly spaces.

The designers have been forced to rethink the importance of home interiors and think of new COVID-19 interior design solutions. These solutions help us guide in planning our interiors during pandemic.

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