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5 min readJun 25, 2021

Feng shui, Vastu, Home gyms… if you think you have seen it all, you are sorely mistaken. The Wellness Movement is taking the interior design industry by a storm making Health-related home trends are the next big thing in Interior Design.

This new design trend is aimed at calming the restless minds and creating interiors that are healthier physically and mentally.

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What Is Wellness?

The term ‘wellness’ is usually closely related to spa treatments, a relaxing massage or a visit to a sauna. However, it is much more than that.

Wellness is a process by which you become aware of your choices regarding your health, lifestyle, work, surroundings to create and maintain a healthy and fulfilling life. From exercise, nutrition to joyful experiences, it covers it all.

In simple terms, it means to create living spaces for yourself that are nourishing to both your body and mind. It is a process of embracing the journey of looking for the appropriate tools to make your living healthier and how to make it happen.

To pursue a healthy body and mind, wellness design is instrumental.

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Reason For Wellness Design Trend

In the current times where we live in a competitive world, most of us are living stressful lives and are far-stretched for work. The busy schedules allow hardly any time to take a break and relax to give our minds and bodies to recoup.

This has resulted in the urge to look for ways to relax and attain balance in our work as well as personal lives. Especially, if these methods do not take up your time and effort.

The wellness movement in the interior design industry is all about using calm and soothing colours to create tone balance rather than going for contrast. If you manage to add your personal touch to the warmer interiors you chose it will be an added advantage. Warm interiors inspire the feel of comfort and are soothing which is very good for calming the restless mind.

The focus of this trend is on inspiring connection through not just the interiors but also the architecture. Inspiring the feeling of community in both architectural and interior designs is one of the key factors of wellness trends.

The trend takes into account the lifestyle of the occupant, the health needs and keeps it simple and effective.

Features To Include When Planning Wellness Architecture

  • Open and large entrances, as well as hallways making way to the gardens, create a feeling of peace as you first step inside.
  • Hallways to be kept wider-than-average. It allows more natural light and fresh air to seep in. The extra space created helps decrease the visual space of dark corridors.
  • Open-plan kitchen, dining, and living rooms
  • A place meant just for relaxation should have a large master suite with sheer fabric and blinds to control different light levels.
  • A walk-in wardrobe that is fully integrated

Key Decorative Elements In Wellness Interior Design

  • Natural materials.
  • Timber.
  • Soft, soothing colors.
  • Spaces that connect to nature.
  • Furniture with curves.
  • Indoor plants.

How To Inculcate Touch Of Wellness To Home Interior

You can simply create a quiet corner for yourself where there are no disturbances or distractions. Make it your sanctuary for the times when you want to take a break from all the daily life and work stress.

  • Use Curved furniture as they have a relaxing and comforting feel to them.
  • Use soothing colors
  • Use one color or hue in different shades
  • Add in plenty of greenery

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Here are some of the wellness design ideas to choose from:

Biophilic Design

Seek connection with nature through your design. Biophilic design helps us in creating natural environments where we can live and work.

Designs that bring us much closer to nature have proven to be highly effective in being inspirational, boosting overall productivity and even help reduce stress to a large extent. It all together amounts to healthy living and general well-being.

Not every space is made for biophilic design but you can make use of various contributory biophilic design elements to enhance the well-being of the occupants. It goes just beyond the addition of a potted plant. Bring in more natural light, have good air quality, use natural textures, natural materials, etc.

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Light, without a doubt, remains one of the most essential design elements when it comes to home interiors. Design spaces around natural light sources to let as much neutral light you can in. Use smart lighting systems and artificial lights that can mimic daylight well.

Natural light can be the source of tremendous health and a wellness boost. It improves overall productivity, alertness, and your general mood. It can have a positive effect on the physiological or psychological state of our minds.

Natural light also helps us with vitamin D balance which is crucial to absorb the calcium we intake.


Comfort is the key when it comes to health-focused interior design. Ergonomic design is a user-friendly design. It ensures that the interior design is comfortable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing for the user.


The colour palette that you choose for your home should be well thought because colours are deeply impactful on the moods. They can incite and inspire emotions. Colour affects how it makes you feel.

It is usually a matter of personal taste. However, keep in mind the effect they have on the environment. They are very much capable of either overstimulating or under-stimulating your space.


Keep your surroundings free of clutter. Clutter makes a space look chaotic and unclean which further makes the mind chaotic. It makes you feel irritated and frustrated.

It has a great impact on our moods, our relationships and even on our sleeping habits.


Space is transformed into a home with the inclusion of personal touches. This stands true for the wellness of the homeowners as well. Find out for yourself what small things make you feel calm and happy when you look at them. Once you do, fill your home up with them.

We believe that wellness-focused interior design will see enormous demand in the coming years. It will soon not just be a mere trend and become one of the essential aspects of designing spaces.

Are you thinking about embracing principles of wellness design for your home? Tell us how in the comments below.

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