Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions About Interior Design

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  • It should have an appropriate amount of natural light and fresh air. The ventilation must be up to mark. It should be safe and healthy for the occupants to live in.
  • Space must be properly utilised ensuring that everything and everyone has a place for them without making it look overcrowded or cluttered.
  • The design of the house should pay attention to detail.
  • The home interior must be flexible enough to accommodate changing times and needs.
  • It should be able to provide appropriate privacy.
  • A smartly designed home is essential to make your daily chores simpler.
  • The house should be easy to maintain.
  • A well-designed home must be comfortable to be a refuge from all the daily life stresses.
  • It should cater to all your needs and requirements to help you live better.
  • Lastly, as a cherry on the top, a well-designed home must be aesthetically beautiful.
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  • You can save spending your money on unnecessary items. An Interior Designer is knowledgeable about what is needed and what is essential when designing a home. It saves you from buying things you don’t need.
  • Trying to design your home yourself may take a lot of research and then going out shopping from one store to another. It is very time-consuming. Even after all this, it is not guaranteed that the output will come out as you visioned. Hiring an Interior Designer helps in avoiding wastage of time. Because Time Is Money!
  • A designer helps make the home designing process less stressful. When the experts are handling the process you can rest assured that things are in good hands.
  • Designers are well-versed in the proper handling of the decided budget as they plan each and everything meticulously to avoid overspending and stay within budget limits.
  • Aside from benefiting from liaison with a Qualified professional, you also get access to better resources and contacts to acquire better items for your home design at great prices.
  • Designers give a house the ‘WOW’ factor and minimize any Third Party Conflicts.
  • They help you create a home that is functional and suitable to your needs.
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  • Can you describe your designing style?
  • What are the designing services that you or your firm offer?
  • How would you manage within my budget?
  • What are your service charges?
  • What is your mode of presenting your concepts and ideas?
  • Who will be assigned with my Project? And, if the Project goes to a design team, how will the selection process be conducted?
  • What if I dislike the design presented by you?
  • Have you worked on a similar project in the past? Can you show me the finished product?
  • What is your usual client base?




Bangalore based Interior designing firm with design experience of 100+ projects.

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WallsToHome Interiors

WallsToHome Interiors

Bangalore based Interior designing firm with design experience of 100+ projects.

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