Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions About Interior Design

There is one thing that all interior designers have in common. They get asked a LOT of questions. We do mean a LOT.

A home Interior is predominantly dependent on personal choices, likes, and dislikes. However, there are still a few tips and tricks as well as guidelines that one can adhere to for achieving an inspiring space. And we frequently get asked questions about those tips and guidelines.

In today’s blog, we will tackle all the most commonly asked interior design questions that we encounter on social media daily.

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Question 1: What are the salient features of a well-designed home?

Answer: A well-designed home is the one that meets all your needs and requirements. It doesn’t just mean aesthetically pleasant looking. It must be functionally suitable for your lifestyle.

Some must-have essential elements of a well-designed home are as follows:

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Question 2: Why do I need an Interior Designer to design my home?

Answer: Because they are experts!

Not many have the time or inclination to dedicate to the renovation or building process. That is when the need for Interior Designer comes into play!

Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer.

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Question 3: How much do interior designers charge?

Answer: Essentially, the amount or the scope of work required determines what the actual fee would be taken by an interior designer. If the designer is only just involved with the designing process, the fee could be much lesser. However, if the designer is supervising the entire process which also involves collaborating with various vendors such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc, then the fee will be much higher.

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Question 4: What to ask your interior designer before you hire him/her?

Answer: Here’s a list of questions for interior designers that you want to and should ask when you meet:

For more details, refer to How to plan the first meeting with your Interior Designer

Question 5: How long does it take to get interiors done?

Answer: Time is money! The more time an interior project takes, the more it can be financially taxing.

That is why it is always advisable to decide the time frame before even commencing the project. It helps the project to get completed within the set period unless any unavoidable issues crop up.

There could be a variety of reasons for stretching the timeframe of a Project such as insufficient labor or operational delays. However, these problems can be avoided with proper planning.

Customization can also cause delays. Also, a renovation project takes a certain period of preparation time for installation. If there are any structural changes involved, it will involve demolition which is again a time-taking process.

Factor in all these possibilities when deciding on the time required for finishing an interior design project. It helps the homeowner to have a clear understanding of the timeline.

Question 6: How does the cost of interiors change as per cities?

Answer: The standard of living differs from one city to another. To put it more precisely, the cost of some things in one city is much higher as compared to other cities. This, however, does not affect the cost of interiors in different cities. But the cost of labor, vendors and materials may differ city vise.


Communication is essential for establishing a good designer-client relationship because hiring an interior designer is a long-term work commitment.

There are plenty of questions that we get asked regularly. We have just listed a few of those. If you have any questions about designing, we welcome you to visit us at WallsToHome Interiors and get in touch with our design team. We love to answer your queries.



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