How to Get your first project in Interior Design Industry

Looking to make a career as an Interior Designer but have no idea where to start? Fret not, we will tell you all about what you need to make a career in Interior Designing. Whether you are new to designing or making a career switch, we will help you put your best foot forward when it comes to designing.

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Why Interior Designing?

The Interior designing Industry is witnessing a remarkable growth in the demand for interior designers. As the property prices are reaching the sky, people are learning to manage with smaller homes. They are looking for a solution to the space crisis and Interior Designers are being a great help for them.

Interior Designing is expected to see exponential growth by the year 2025 all over the world. The estimated potential (CAGR) growth rate is calculated to be 8.5%. As more and more people are opting for interior design, the demand for interior designers will significantly increase in the years to come.

With an evolving lifestyle and fast-paced urbanization, interior designing is one of the most sought after professions in India today.

What Core Skills Are Required To Build An Interior Design Career?

What Soft Skills Are Needed By An Interior Designer?

Tips To Get An Interior Design Job

Research About The Field

Do your homework and research well. Learn everything there is to know about your chosen field of work. It helps to understand the various aspects of interior design. Gather relevant information and choose a specific area of work based on your information.

Some self-reflection helps whether you are new to the designing industry business or making a career switch. Ask yourself why you chose to design, what attracted you to designing, what do you love about designing and being a designer. It will help you understand where you would fit best in terms of designing in a variety of cities.

Learn The Necessary Tools And Educational Qualifications

Qualifications requirements of an interior designer:

Generally, any creative and passionate person who has a basic knowledge of designing properties is liable to become an interior decorator.

However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds to build an interior design career.

To become a professional interior designer you need the following qualifications:

Develop Your People Skills

The work of interior designers cannot be accomplished without communication and connection with people. So, it is a necessary skill to hone as an interior designer. Show your ability to listen and communicate ideas thoughtfully and poignantly to get the edge.

Put Your Best Foot Forward By Making A Portfolio

An Interior Design portfolio is an asset to your career. A portfolio showcases your best work. Make a portfolio for yourself and include before and after images of the work you have done. This proves your credibility as an interior designer.

Having a social media design page is also a significant medium for conveying your unique ideas and attention to detail. A professional presence on all social media channels is a definite plus.

Intern To Train

A design degree alone isn’t enough to get you the job. Your best bet for success is to get involved in internships. They are highly beneficial for career development in terms of gaining professional skills.

In any profession including interior design, having relevant work experience counts.

Do an internship for at least 6–12 months to be able to understand the critical aspects of interior design.


If you’re having trouble getting the job, we recommend requesting an informational interview with the recruiters. It will help you understand what is missing from your portfolio. You may not always get a response but the initiative will be noticed. Eventually, you will get honest feedback which you can use to course-correct.

Meanwhile, don’t just sit back waiting for a response. Look for intern opportunities in the market to develop your Revit skills to stay involved with the interior design industry.

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