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The interior designing industry is booming all over the world. People are becoming more conscious about their home and office interiors.

And when you are thinking about designing your home or office spaces, budgeting does come into mind. Interior Designing has long been wrongly believed as an “expensive affair” that is only meant for the rich. This is just a myth that has been debunked many times.

Interior Design is and can be affordable. Especially in the present times when there are plenty of smart hacks to use to cut costs. Interior Designing largely depends on the budget of the client and the incredible creativity of the designer.

In this blog, we will talk about some simple tricks that can help you save a whole lot of bucks.

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5 Ways You Can Save Money On Interior Designing in India

1. Start Planning In Advance: This is the part where the homeowner should be proactive even before the project has commenced. Do your homework. Decide the type of renovation you are looking for beforehand. Do you want traditional or contemporary design?

What is your color preference? What kind of feel do you want to inculcate in your home interiors? What is the purpose and functioning of the space to be renovated?

All these questions and more should be answered before you go to the designer. You can tell these to the designers you chose when the time is ripe.

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2. Do Your Research: The next step would be to go out into the market and get information about the current prices. This will help you in making the comparison better. Visit different furniture stores and décor stores to get the quote. Compare the pricing to the charges of the interior designers. Budget must be the priority.

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3. Communication: A clear and transparent communication between the designer and the homeowner is crucial for a successful home makeover.

4. Use Referrals: Ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives if they are aware of any cost-effective and reliable interior designers.

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5. Compare: Compare the price quotations as well as the services of a few interior designers before you decide whom to hire.

How Do You Make It Happen?

Pick Wallpapers Instead Of Paint

You can color your walls without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Paint is usually a popular go-to option for adding colors to the walls.

You will find that normal paint is cheaper than wallpaper. If you want to use textured paint which is typical for use on feature walls then you will find that it is much more expensive to afford than wallpaper.

That is why we suggest that you opt for wallpaper instead when it comes to accent walls. It not just adds color but also gives out the same visual treat that you will get from painting but at a much affordable rate.


No need to buy new furniture for the redesign of your home. You can achieve the remodeled look by reusing and renovating your already existing furniture. Because let’s be real, furniture is not cheap. It can cost an arm and a leg.

Why spend so much money on it when you can renovate your old furniture and make it good as new at a much cheaper price?

Repainting the old furniture brings a touch of elegance. Swap the pillow covers or the upholstery of your old sofa. This way you can adopt brilliant cost-effective measures to design your home.

Buy Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture makes for a great cost-effective hack for saving money. A piece of furniture that functions in more ways than one can reduce the need to buy more furniture items to overcome all the functionality. A multi-functional piece of furniture can do the job of multiple furniture pieces. For example, a sofa can be unfolded into a bed and vice versa. It saves both money and space. This hack is very useful when you are designing homes that are lacking in space.

opt For Alternatives Instead Of Hardwood

Hardwood flooring can seriously make a dent in your pocket. Regardless of the cost, hardwood flooring is not suitable for the weather you find in the Indian subcontinent. There are plenty of alternatives available that can fare better in this weather and last long. Moreover, they imitate hardwood when it comes to appearance.

For example, Laminate Wooden Flooring is perfectly suitable to handle this weather and does not cost a lot either.


Lighting plays a crucial role in achieving cost-effective interiors for your home. There are plenty of exquisite lighting options that you can find in the market. You can avoid lavish lighting options that are expensive. Purchase simple lighting fixtures. They work well in making your house look vibrant at a much cheaper rate.


The method you adopt to renovate can go a long way when it comes to cost-cutting and saving expenses. A home can be redesigned beautifully with affordable items as well.

Nowadays, there is an apparent trend of DIYs(Do-It-Yourself). They make for a good alternative for many designing options. You can easily make a photo gallery yourself or convert old jars and bottles into some beautiful vases.

There are many ways to save money in interior design. You just need to be proactive. Some expert decisions have to be taken solely by the designer to do their job the best possible way. However, don’t leave everything to the designer.

If you are designing your home on your own then avoid purchasing expensive decor pieces without thinking carefully. It may make your home look congested and clustered. And this you do not want!

Invest money judiciously and be proactive about where you are investing it when purchasing items for your home. It prevents you from wasting both your time and money.

Remember that Interior designing is an art. Art does not need expensive things to look impressive. Even simple things can turn your house into the home of your dreams.

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